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The Cicium is  our full polyester trailer. With its large care doors on either side and rot-proof sides this trailer is ready for years of sustainable use.

A unique design with high ease of use and plenty of space for your horse. Besides the standard rear ramp the trailer can also be equipped with a ramp/doors combination where also a single (half) door can be used as ramp.

Built in the well known high Atec quality, standard equipped with an AluProtec floor, pony adjustment, large tinted design windows with bars and completely fitted with LED lighting incl. 3rd brake light. The screwed and extended drawbar up to the front axle in combination with the ventilated chassis and torsion suspended AL-KO Axles ensure a high driving comfort


This Cicium can be equipped with various accessories. The trailer can be delivered in our standard colors, standard metallic colors and The Cicium is optionally available in any RAL color.

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     model  lengte binnen  breedte binnen  hoogte binnen  lengte buiten  breedte buiten  hoogte buiten      banden  totaalgewicht  leeggewicht
Cicium 145 1,5 horses 350  145  240  482    292   1600   
Cicium 175 2 horses 350 175 240 482 225 292 175/70R13 2000 750





Explanation of the name


A Cicium is a light open vehicle of Gallic origin, had two wheels and room for two people. It also has a box or case under the seat, where small 

baggage can be carried out.

Two or three horses and donkeys have been used to pull this and by the lightness of this trolley, it is particularly suitable for high-speed travel.


  • wood charcoal black
  • aluminium
  • optional is the polyester available in any RAL-color

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Standard execution

  • aerodynamical shaped hood en design point
  • AluProtec synthetic floor, 10-year warranty
  • two tinted design side windows with safety bars
  • walls 18mm laminated birch wood                                                     
  • rear ramp with stable frame construction up into the hood
  • large service door on the right side
  • automatic roll-up rear canvas in silver
  • rear ramp with dirt repellent hinge and rubber mat with step bars
  • shock rubbers on the rear ramp
  • rubber mat on the floor
  • transparent partition
  • pony bars adjustment
  • Atec-design breast bars with safety system
  • interior lighting
  • hay net hook
  • ventilating chassis, with box girders and u-profiles
  • independent rubber-torsion suspension system (AL-KO axles)
  • extended drawbar screwed to the front axle
  • heavy retractable jockey wheel
  • Atec-design mudguards in two pieces, black
  • entirely fitted with LED lighting incl. 3rd brake light
  • 13 pole connector
  • toplights on the rear
  • stainless steel bolts and nuts                                


  • Ramp - doors combination
  • Flexible partition
  • Saddle room - static saddle support
  • Outturning saddle support
  • Kicking protection synthetic
  • Body protection
  • Atec-design buttock bars
  • Breast bar in one piece (additonal)
  • Buttock bar in one piece (additonal)
  • Design sticker on hood
  • Head partition wall
  • Summer-winter roll-up canvas
  • Roof hatch to be opened on 4 sides
  • Shock absorbers on the axles
  • Atec-design two-piece mudguards silver
  • Spare wheel (steel)
  • Alloy wheels 15"
  • Alloy wheels 16"
  • Alloy wheels 16" Graphite
  • Automatic adjustment brakes
  • Loading capacity >2700 ≤ 3000kg

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